It's Nearly Time to Unleash the Bone Army!!

I’ve been busy working on another addition to my popular LoREZ figure range, this time it’s a Skeleton. This has been sitting on my hard drive for I don’t know how long, but I finished the base set which is already ready to go at DAZ, but I need to finish up on a LoREZ Skeleton Army add-on, which is a big set. It gives plenty of scope to mix and match armour pieces to create different versions and I’ve included several props to make up a soldier, archer and spearman. Each armour piece comes with 3 texture versions, there 3 face paint textures in 3 colours. More poses are…

Japanese Walled Temple Release Date!

My Japanese Walled Temple along with a separate Japanese Pine Tree set is out at DAZ3D on the 2 March 2015. It was fun making these.

Japanese Walled Temple

Here’s a little look at something I’ve just about completed the modelling stage, still to add the tiling to the walls and a few other minor additions. This is quite a large Japanese inspired scene and it was a real learning curve researching Japanese architecture. So not too far away now until texturing and I’m dying to do some nice renders. I know this is supposed to be a scene of peace and tranquillity but I can’t help feeling the Ninja rising up inside of me!

The outlook is good!!

This last week I’ve been finishing off an add-on set to a scene called The Outlook, which has passed QA at DAZ3D and is waiting for release. I wanted to make a nice winter scene and I enjoyed converting the scene to be icy and snowy. Both will be available as a bundle.

There's More To Come

After a summer of moving to Cornwall and lots of visitors I’m now able to get back into the swing of things and start producing more 3D content. Coming out at DAZ3D on the 25th November are a set of Monastery lead products including a bundle. It was fun making the Cemetery and I tried to add as much detail as possible without making my computer melt! There’s also a new texture set for the Monastery I’m calling Grey Monastery, there’s a few add-on props included too. The bundle will include the base Monastery set, which has been updated for DAZ Studio, the Monastery Cemetery and the Grey Monastery Texture…

Back to Work

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new here mainly due to relocating from Kent to Cornwall. So I’m back working on new stuff and also trying hard to finish off already started products. Here’s one set that has been on the go for a little while. This is a low resolution classic weapon set. Great for filling your medieval scenes with easy to use weapons. There’s about 140 props in total including swords, spears, poleaxes, halberds, axes, daggers shields, bows, arrows and a number of different styled racks to house them all, which I’ve already filled a few with lots of different weapons. This set is almost…

New Products for April

Time to get busy and start uploading some more products for April. I’ve been really please that March went really well with the Loft sets. The first round of products I’ve gone all sci-fi again following on from my 14MU series. I’ve updated the popular LoREZ 14MU Worker with a set of DAZ Studio files, this will be included with the original Poser files, so you get both DUF and CR2 figure files, plus there are two extra texture sets. So once this was done I decided that I should do a female version of the LoREZ 14MUWorker, so that’s exactly what I did. The figure is based of the…

March Madness in Full Swing

The March Madness sale at is going from strength to strength with lots of bargains to be had. My 99 Props sets have already been released on the 14th and there’s another 4 products coming out on the 24th. Watch out for that day as savings of up to 50% can be made, so check out my store here

Loft Add-On : Dance Studio

I thought I’d seen the last of this project, but no I finished up over the weekend doing a whole new add-on for the Loft4Lease set. This seemed like a perfect place to decorate a little and put in a Dance Studio. Just finishing off the last few things, there are some drapes for the windows with wind morphs and a wall curtain that goes on the back wall. Everything’s now ready for some Dirty Dancing!!

Loft Project Update

Almost done with finishing this project, just a few more textures and to sharpen up some mesh edges. But I wanted to have a first look of Reality 3 for Poser and see how this renders in LuxRender. I have to say I’m very impressed. Reality is really easy to use and for the most part copies over all Poser’s material settings into LuxRender (which is, if you don’t know, an open source renderer capable of physically accurate lighting solutions, and Reality 3 is the middleman program that takes a Poser scene and converts it to work in LuxRender). This is a great alternative for me to get some better…