Wasteground Vignette

All packed up and waiting for a release date. This is a highly detailed Wasteground Vignette scene, a perfect backdrop to add your 3D character models for use in DAZ Studio.

Something just a little bit Private!

Here’s a look at something both Diane and myself are putting together for the Genesis 3 Female, this is due to be released for the PA Sale in September. This one is called Private May and she’s a sexy stylised soldier with echoes of World War Two and Vietnam. It’ll include vest, pants, helmet, bracers, belt and boots, along with props such as a M1 Garand Rifle, water bottles and magazine clip. There will also be a texture add-on set which has a whole host of exciting textures.

Life's a Beach!

Here’s another set that’s just gone into testing. I’m calling this one Beach Barricade, it’s a war-time style vignette with quite few individual props added. I tried not to scrimp too much on the details. Once again I’ve been getting use to the new Iray renderer in DAZ Studio which has certainly catapulted the software into the big leagues. It’s given me lots of new ideas so that I can take advantage of the near flawless rendering capabilities it can offer. This set should hopefully be ready towards the end of the month, just hope the testing goes smoothly and the guys at DAZ can get it out soon.

Barbed Wire Set

A sneak peak at something that’s due out in the next week in the DAZ3D store, a Barbed Wire set. I’m always wanting to create a variety of props for various projects. This one grew out of another set I’m developing for the new Genesis 3 female recently released at DAZ3D. I needed some war style props so I came up with this set.

Classical Morphing Bust HD

Well I’ve finally managed to put together another project called Classical Morphing Bust HD, it’s now live in the DAZ3D store www.daz3d.com/classical-morphing-bust-hd This was fun to put building and I really enjoyed the process of sculpting all the details in ZBrush. A perfect little prop to give a little bit of classical culture to any scene.  

It's Nearly Time to Unleash the Bone Army!!

I’ve been busy working on another addition to my popular LoREZ figure range, this time it’s a Skeleton. This has been sitting on my hard drive for I don’t know how long, but I finished the base set which is already ready to go at DAZ, but I need to finish up on a LoREZ Skeleton Army add-on, which is a big set. It gives plenty of scope to mix and match armour pieces to create different versions and I’ve included several props to make up a soldier, archer and spearman. Each armour piece comes with 3 texture versions, there 3 face paint textures in 3 colours. More poses are…

Japanese Walled Temple Release Date!

My Japanese Walled Temple along with a separate Japanese Pine Tree set is out at DAZ3D on the 2 March 2015. It was fun making these.

Japanese Walled Temple

Here’s a little look at something I’ve just about completed the modelling stage, still to add the tiling to the walls and a few other minor additions. This is quite a large Japanese inspired scene and it was a real learning curve researching Japanese architecture. So not too far away now until texturing and I’m dying to do some nice renders. I know this is supposed to be a scene of peace and tranquillity but I can’t help feeling the Ninja rising up inside of me!

The outlook is good!!

This last week I’ve been finishing off an add-on set to a scene called The Outlook, which has passed QA at DAZ3D and is waiting for release. I wanted to make a nice winter scene and I enjoyed converting the scene to be icy and snowy. Both will be available as a bundle.

There's More To Come

After a summer of moving to Cornwall and lots of visitors I’m now able to get back into the swing of things and start producing more 3D content. Coming out at DAZ3D on the 25th November are a set of Monastery lead products including a bundle. It was fun making the Cemetery and I tried to add as much detail as possible without making my computer melt! There’s also a new texture set for the Monastery I’m calling Grey Monastery, there’s a few add-on props included too. The bundle will include the base Monastery set, which has been updated for DAZ Studio, the Monastery Cemetery and the Grey Monastery Texture…